Valentines Love Status

So many times when it gets close to Valentines Day our primary concern becomes what is our relationship status, or do I have a date for the Valentines event? Unfortunately “love” is lost during Valentines Day because it is another holiday that has been completely commercialized. This is a day that we should be less worried about our personal feelings and more about a very important love. That is the love the God has for us, a love that is so strong that he sent his son to die for our sins on the cross.  If we turn our focus to this event on Valentines day we will find that we are no longer worried about the relationship status that we have posted on Facebook and we will become more focused on the relationship that we have with Jesus Christ. So I hope that no matter if you are Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed, Married, or It’s Complicated that you have a chance this Valentines day to reflect on your own relationship status with God!

“PJ” Pastor Jack


Christmas Distractions

So many times during the holidays we get distracted from what is important. We tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas. We get busy with family coming into town, we make sure that our home are decorated to the T. We make sure all of the gifts are purchased and wrapped, then placed nicely under the tree all before December 25th. We can do all of that and even have time to take the family photo with Santa. All of these things are amazing and it is great that we are in the Christmas mood, but amongst all of these things do you and your family forget the true meaning of Christmas? Do you get to caught up in your worldly traditions? During the month of December you can probably see the movie a Christmas story every day on ABC Family. This year take some time and read the Christmas story to your family. It isn’t going to hurt you to take a little time out of your day to do this. It really is the least we can do. This is the birthday of your Heavenly Father. Think about what all he has done for you. I would like to encourage you to celebrate his birthday this year with your family by reading the True A Christmas Story! You can find the story in Luke Chapter 2:1-20.

“PJ” Pastor Jack

How does your witness effect others?

Recently at work I received a call from a customer. I didn’t know anything about the customer before he called, but the more we conversed about our products the more agitated he became. This is very surprising to me because he called me. I just wanted to say… “You called me, why are you yelling at me?”. I decided that probably wasn’t the best way to deal with my customer. As the call went on the customer started using foul language towards me. At this point I just want to hang up. No one wants to talk to someone if all they are going to do is swear. Then we come to a point in the conversation where the customer has to put me on hold. I was so glad because I really needed a break from his poor choice of words. As soon as he put me on hold I couldn’t believe my ears. The hold music was “Lord I lift your name on high”. While I was glad to hear the song I was so disappointed in my customer. He didn’t know anything about me and all he has been doing is swearing. Yet his hold music was a christian song. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did! While I was still on hold the entire song ran its course then a recorded voice said “Thank you so much for holding we will be with you momentarily, We hope you will join us each SUNDAY MORNING FOR WORSHIP.” This guy was calling from a church. Not only that he was obviously employed at a church. All I could think of was, what if I were not saved and I was thinking about going to church. This phone call would be a definite turn off. So just remember people are always watching and listening to you. So be cautious, because you never know how what you say or do is going to effect someone else.

“PJ” Pastor Jack

God’s Promise

As all of you are aware Hurricane Isaac struck the gulf coast this past week. Living in Georgia it is hard to imagine the overall devastation in the southern Louisiana area. Most people who aren’t in that area only get to see pictures on tv or on the Internet. As an insurance agent I am licensed in the state of Louisiana so I get to talk to people from Louisiana area every day. I have talked to people today who are still without power 5 days later. People who are still suffering devastation from the loss. It is so hard talking to these people sometimes because they feel ganged up on. I had a customer tell me that she thought that God was punishing her. One of the most important things for all of us to remember is that no matter how high the waters rise there has been a flood before that was far worse than what we have ever experienced. After that flood God made a promise that he would never flood the world to that extent again. So no matter what you might be going though this Holiday weekend or what storm you are experiencing I encourage all of you to “keep your head held high and look for your rainbow in the sky.”

Have a great week!

“PJ” Pastor Jack

The Complainer

I try not to be a complainer. I normally have a positive out look on life, and I try to stay in a good mood. Well this past week I had a cold. This wasn’t like a down and out with a fever type of illness but more of like a small annoyance. I was having trouble sleeping because I was coughing all through the night and I was going to work with a sore throat. I found myself complaining all the time to all of the people around me. “I’m so sick, I want to go home, I want this just to go away.” When it really came down to it I had to realize that by my complaining it wasn’t helping me get any better. The only thing I was doing was annoying the people I was complaining to. So finally I took some medication and I am glad to say that I am feeling great now.

As I am sitting here tonight I can think of so many people who are in much worse shape than I am. There are people with out a house or a car, there are people with out jobs or food. I should be thanking God every day for how he has blessed me.

Is it so easy in our every day lives to get caught up with everything going on. We tend to take out lives for granted, and when something seems bad we like to complain about it because it makes us feel better. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t really that bad at all. I promise no matter what you are going through right now there is some one going through something worse. If you don’t believe me turn on the news, it is full or horrible things going on in the world.

If you don’t find something on the news then open your bible and read about Job who lost everything but his life, or read about the crucifixion. I and so grateful that I worship a God who sent his son to die for me and my sins. So that I can live an eternal life. If that isn’t enough to celebrate over then I don’t know what is.

So next time we go to complain lets take a step back and think about our complaint.

“PJ” Pastor Jack

My First Blog

So today is my first ever attempt at a blog. I have felt led over the past several months to start a blog, but have never gotten around to it until now. I hope that through my blogging I am able to reach people not just in my church family but people around the world as well. I hope that my blogs are able to touch and inspire each and everyone of you in some way. I plan to start blogging at least once a week. (We will see how well that goes.) Please feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, or opinions on any of my future blogs. I hope you all have a great week and God Bless!